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Keto Brownie Chaffles

I have been working on creating a good chocolate chaffle recipe for months, never fully satisfied with either the texture or the flavor. While experimenting with thickening agents, I accidentally discovered a certain combination that resulted in a much crispier exterior than I had previously encountered. When used with a chocolate chaffle recipe, the effect …

Recipes Sweet

Old Fashioned Donut Chaffle

This fluffy, cakey chaffle has a delightful texture and wonderful flavor reminiscent of an old fashioned cake donut, perfect for dunking into your morning coffee. I first considered the idea when I discovered peanut powder added a texture to ricotta chaffles similar to a cake donut. After some trial and error, I managed to not …

Recipes Sweet

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Chaffle

Adding pumpkin spice seasoning to a ricotta based chaffle has been my go-to for sweet chaffles. I’ve been working on making a coffee flavored chaffle lately, and decided to try adding a bit of coffee to this old favorite. The coffee definitely adds a little something. A stronger brew will certainly impart more flavor, so …